Everything Business Startup owners have heard about Marketing, is wrong

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ATTENTION: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Thinking about starting your own business?

Fact:  If you don’t have a cast iron marketing system in place to generate new leads, your business will FAIL!

The number one issue that start-up business owners I speak to, complain about is their frustration that their phone isn’t ringing; that no-one is emailing them requesting information about their goods or services; and that if things don’t change pretty soon, they are going to start scouring the job boards again to get a PAYE position all over again, in the industry that barely needs people as it is.

There are two things that absolutely have to be in place for their business to be in place, and that is:

1. Sales


2. Marketing

Of those two, the absolute #1, most important, is marketing.  But here’s the problem.

Everything Small business owners have been told about marketing their business….is WRONG!

And that’s if they know anything about marketing in the first place!

Did you know that 96% of all start-up businesses are gone in 5 years.  The reason?  They fail to seek out professional help as they get started, and indeed throughout their business life cycle.

Business coaches like us, help YOU do it right from the very beginning. 

From learning the right way to market your business….to helping you generate immediate cash flow, we provide the professional guidance and direction you need to instantly become a dominant player in your chosen industry.

And to ensure your success, we’ll provide you with all the training, resources, strategies and tactics you need to generate all the leads and new customers your business can handle.

We’ll help you create a Profit River for your business.




The Three Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes People Make When Starting a Business. . . and How to Overcome them All


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