Competition: One Month’s Free Coaching for one luck subscriber plus free linkbacks for all entrants

Posted by jasoneconomides

We have had a busy week at Eco Business Academy.  New businesses that we are coaching just this week included jewellery design, catering and stringed instrument makers.  We showed a luthier how to run a direct mail marketing campaign to all of his last 30 years’ customers at ZERO COST.  In fact done right, it may even turn him a small profit before without him even needing to sell anything.

We want everyone to experience the powerful benefits of this type of coaching and training, but not everyone can afford it.

So, we are offering the opportunity to ONE small business owner the opportunity to win one month of sales & marketing coaching (worth in excess of $300), to one lucky Eco Business Academy follower.

All you need to do is go to, and sign up to the 10 free video series (enter your details in the box on the homepage, or watch the Lead Generation Mistakes video at, and tomorrow I will announce here who the winner is.  All entrants will get free advertising as we will post your web address on the blog if you put in brackets after your name your URL e.g.

Name:  John (

email: john @

So, if you’re feeling lucky, click on one of the links above, and you will be entered into the draw.


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