What 99% of business startup owners don’t do and hence why 1% of them succeed.

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I meet startup owners all the time. They are passionate about a product or service they have invented, and spend lots of time refining it and perfecting it. But the truth is unless you have a solid marketing plan, ain’t nobody never gonna hear about it.

Marketing is the systematic process of letting the world know about what you have to offer them.

Business startup owners spend time putting together 30 page business plans to appease their banks or investors. Sure they mention marketing in the plan, but does it actually happen systematically?

No. Why? Because
a) Most business owners aren’t trained in marketing, they are only trained in their specialist area.
b) There isn’t time to do the marketing or even learn about it

So consequently, the vast majority of brilliant idea generating entrepreneurs have their business fail because they don’t do the one action that is NOT OPTIONAL. Marketing.

So what can be done about it? There are different options
1) Hire or JV with a good business development manager or marketing expert who you know and trust. Get them to do the legwork for you.
Or if you don’t feel comfortable delegating the entire task,
2) Get someone to help YOU do it yourself. (One-to-one coaching and training)

If you choose option 1) here is the critical thing in choosing someone to do your sales or BDM FOR you. They have to be passionate, I mean, really passionate about your product or service. If they can’t convince you of this, find someone else and fast, because every day that goes by is a day where they are not putting the same effort that YOU DO into making the business thrive.

If you choose option 2) congratulations, you have now truly taken the first step to sales success for your business. Remember the mission of your company is not to have “invented the best widget in the world”.

The mission is to invent “the best widget in the world and SELL IT”. There’s no point inventing something and then going bankrupt because you don’t hit your business plan’s sales objectives.

If you are not sure where to start, how about downloading a series of videos on marketing. There’s lots of stuff on YouTube and right here in this group. But where to start? What topics?
Here are a few:
1 – Putting together a powerful million dollar message – your elevator pitch
2 – How to construct a business card that actually pulls in prospects to your business as opposed top just informing them of information they don’t care about – i.e. your business name (nobody cares about who you are! They only care about what your company can do for them.)
3 – How to create adverts that actually engage their viewers
4 – How to put together a website that generates leads and gathers targetted customer information so that you have people to call and sell to (google ‘landing pages’)
5 – How to write scripts that you and your staff can use that give a consistent message out and compel prospects to buy what you have to offer.

I could go on….but guess what, researching and learning how to do all this ‘stuff’ takes time. And that time needs to be set aside in your diary. No really, I’m not kidding. You need to plan when you are going to do your marketing in the same way you plan and diarise when you are going to meet a client or prospect.

It is essential! No marketing = No Sales = R.I.P. Widget Factory.

So please, don’t make the mistake to miss out this key component of business success.
We have put together a series of 10 videos (completely free) covering the exact topics above, and more (along with lots of examples for you to look at), and you can download them by visiting the www.ecobusinessacademy.com home page. Why not start now by watching one of the most important videos you will watch this week “The Three Lead Generation Mistakes Small Businesses make and how to overcome ALL OF THEM”

Dedicated to your success!

Jason Economides
Founder of www.ECObusinessacademy.com and www.ECOinternetacademy.com
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What 99% of all professional course providers don’t bother teaching you, but you really need

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I’m always amazed at how course providers of professional qualifications spend no time educating their students on making a living.   Architects, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Lawyers, Accountants  can train for between 6-7 years  (roughly between 1500-1750 days of studying for degree and professional qualification training) before getting that nice certificate on the wall.

And out of those 1500+ days of blood sweat and tears, how many days are dedicated to business development training?   Zero, Nada, zilch.  Not a one.

So it’s hardly surprising so many professionals struggle to make ends meet.  I was speaking at an event this week.  It was to a group of about 35 driving instructors.  I asked them all, “How many of you have had, during the course of you getting your driver trainer training, any sales or marketing advice.  How many of you have had an hour/day/half day covering ‘building your own business’?.

Only one person put their hand up, and even then, he said that it was a very brief talk.  These guys had invested hours and days and a lot of their own money, to become trainers – but had no idea how to get the wheels turning (that’s pretty ironic for driving instructors, don’t you think?)

If you have taken a course towards a professional qualification, your next step is to invest some time (and perhaps some dollars) into getting your business turning.

There are some fantastic books you can buy like:

Zig Ziglar’s – Secrets of Closing the Sale

Michael Port’s – Book yourself solid

C.J. Hayden’s – Get Clients NOW! ™

And you can also visit the homepage of , Eco Business Academy, for a free tutorial every week.  (half way down on the right – look for This Week’s Training Video)

If you are on a course already, and think that you and your fellow students could benefit from this ESSENTIAL business marketing training, ask your course leader to contact their favourite business coach (or myself) to come and give a talk, or host some webinars on the topic.


The 5 Step Proven Profit Formula for Doubling your profits webinar this Thursday at 2pm EST

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Calling all chiropractors, accountants, lawyers, personal trainers, building contractors, plumbers, electricians, real estate agents…..in fact, if you own a small business, then you CANNOT afford to miss the webinar this Thursday at 2pm

We will be covering the 5 step proven formula that all small business owners need to know to grow their business and their profits, and how YOU can apply this to your own business.

Tickets are valued at £65 (approx $100), but if you make sure you use the discount code EcoBiz100, you will get a 100% discount. (I.e. a free ticket)